Moret: Volatility tokens
Moret has unique volatility tokens which are first-of-kind in the DeFi space. It's a well-known fact that volatility is relatively stable and provides key benefits to crypto players. The pricing stability of volatility makes it a quasi-stable coins as the annualized volatility levels bounce around 100% over the years.
In addition, the volatilities usually rise when the market turns red, thus giving investors extra protection when the crypto prices drop.
Volatility as a stable and anti-cyclical asset
Moret thus provides a platform where anyone can buy or sell volatility tokens that have values linked to the prevailing level of volatility, which has not been possible elsewhere. These tokens can either be traded directly in DeFi exchanges, or into at-the-money crypto options in the Moret Option Exchange.
Volatility tokens can be traded directly or into crypto options
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