Oct 2021

  • Deployed to Polygon chain for beta test
  • Received Grant from 1Inch Foundation

Dec 2021

  • Deployed to Polygon mainnet for alpha test
  • Audit by ABDK

Jan 2022

  • Official launch of the exchange for ETC and BTC

Feb 2022

  • API launch for external bots
  • Launch 1-day, 7-day and 30-day volatility tokens
Apr 2022
  • Launch governance token
  • New web interface with brand new trading apps
Sep 2022
  • Audit by CertiK
Nov 2022
  • Launch the first structured products for ETC and BTC
Jan 2023
  • Launch leveraged perpetual for ETC and BTC
  • Allow traders to unwind of existing options
Q1 2023
  • Build partial collateral model using LP tokens
  • Build explicit RFQ mode
  • Deploy on BNB chain
  • Integrate on NEAR protocol
  • Cross-chain integration